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SteelSeries Alerts

2 votes

I have a Rival 500 mouse with tactile alerts so I made this little helper struct to send events to it right from max. After running the script, you can now call ::SteelSeriesAlerts.sendBuzz().

Render Info Strip

13 votes

This script was created upon request as a vray frame stamp replacement, intended for mental ray and scanline rendrers.

It allows custom information to be displayed in the rendered image, with user defined font size, style, colors and opacity of the strip background. In addition to predefined keywords, there are five custom expressions and one script value. Original render frame buffer can either be closed or kept open. The settings and callbacks are saved in the .max files.


16 votes

Saves a jpg file containing your last render everytime you save a max file. Helps to keep track of your changes.

Select More Target

11 votes

Slim (self explained) selection assistant.


Commonly useful when select target lights, cameras or tape helpers,
or any objects with (older) Look_At transform controller applied
and you wish to select their targets as well.

Bounding Box Meassure Callback

12 votes

Called anytime the selection is changed the script shows in the prompt line (lower right corner, next to the listener ;) the dimensions (as integers) of the selected object in the current units.

Comes very handy while working with interior/exterior scenes. to me at least :)

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