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Material Override Excluder

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Do you use the Vray Material Override to do chalk renders and wish that it would allow you to exclude certain materials? Like VRayLightMtl and any refractive materials like glass? Well now you can using this little script. It sets up a Shell Material which allows you to switch from one material setup to another. So even if those pesky VRayLightMtls and refractive materials are within Multi-sub materials then you’ll still be able to exclude them. Give it a go, test it out and let me know how it works for you!

Quick Clay Render

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Clay Render


One click will render your scene as a 'clay' style image, leaving the scene, materials and all your render settings exactly as they are. Code has been updated to create the floor plane at the lowest vertex in the scene, and to make it easier to customise (different renderers, alter the material colour, environment background and light type).


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A procedural graph paper texture. The essential part of this material
are both Gradient Ramps (horizontal and vertical) that define tiling
and line management. Colors are defined by the top mix or output map
(depending on material version).

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