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Armin Attribute Holder

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Why is it different?

this attribute holder is special because it automatically search for "Position", Rotation" and "custom attribues" in the selected objects and you don't have to Wire, or Copy/Paste those parameters that  you want to store one by one unlike "Pen_attribute_holder".

From Help

Constraints Holder

1 vote

An attribute holder for controlling multiple constraints with one slider and PRS multiplier.

Custom Attrubute Animation Copier

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This script copies the animation on custom attributes and adds it to another object with similar custom attributes.


1. Click the copy to button and select the object you want to copy the animation to.
2. Click the copy from button and select the object who's animation you want to copy.
3. Select the custom attributes to copy from the list box.
4a. Hit the do it button
4b. Or you can do an incremental copy which places a key on every frame for a specified range.

1. Make sure the custom attribute is applied to an attribute holder modifier.


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