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Spline to Stylized Hair

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in my hairstyle workflow i tried to turn each spline to stylized hairs but there was limitations such as lack of ability to deform a hair mesh along to all individual spline at once so i have made this MAXSCRIPT tool for helping myself turn a batch of splines to stylized hairs in one click. also there is multiple parameters for tweak hair segments ,thickness and rotation. i decided to publish this as a useful and time saving product 

Hair Cards Tool

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HairCards Tool is a 3dsmax tool that will speed up your work for realtime rendering hairs creation. You can create layers of hairs much faster than usual. This tool is working only with 3dsmax 2021.3 (Update 3) and up.

How to use it: https://youtu.be/2dvY10fV9WE (for easier navigation use youtube chapters playlist)

Check demo video 01: https://youtu.be/sahmdIRfLrI
Check demo video 02: https://youtu.be/_LDA7GdfM78

Few animated gifs:

Resize Splines From First

27 votes

Tools that resize spline sub-objects in regard to their first vertex, one with a scaling factor, the other using a fixed size.

Vertices to Splines

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Generate splines from the normals of mesh vertices.

This script is useful to create quick hair/fur splines or special effects.
It’s an incredibly powerful tool when used in conjunction with TurboSplines script to create things like tentacles, spikes, spines, appendices, etc.

You can set the number of splines, length, number of knots, variation and chaos.

Fur Guides Painter

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buy it on : http://hocuspocus-studio.fr/tools/product/furguides-painter/

Fur Guides Painter is a new tool, which will drastically speed your hair&Fur and Ornatrix workflow.

If like me you are tired to try to brush Hair&Fur using the given brushes, because it just takes too long to have the results your need, this tool is definitely for you.

Hair Tweaker

54 votes

A simple UI for making hair tweaks much faster. All selected objects you can create guides with one click. Turn on/off dynamics on multiple objects at once. Adjusting viewport spline percentages. Great for tweaking hairs while working.

Hair Baker

40 votes

Bakes hair and fur object into animated mesh with point cache or vertex animation.

Line Per Vertex

30 votes

Creates lines out of an object's vertices.

Hair base mod

9 votes

Just a simple but useful script when setting up hair for the first time. It just pops on the hair/fur modifier with cleared out settings. A better starting point for grooming.

Hair Recomb

13 votes

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