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Krakatoa light control

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A small tool I developed while working on StarTrek Beyond's krakatoa nebula cloud to help me control the lights that are acting like a giant stars on the go. It allowed me to control lights globally or just the selected ones and I only exposed the following parameters:

PRT Updater/Manager

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A tool I wrote to manage multiple PRT Loaders in a scene. It was especially useful for updating files when I was using one cache for multiple loaders with an offset, since Instancing wasn't an option. Aside from that, there are simple controls to update some of the main PRT Loader attributes quickly and on multiple loaders.

Here's a quick demonstration video of the tool >>> https://vimeo.com/130000485


Rs PointCache Merger

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This script can be used as an alternative to comercial mesh-cachers like Boomer Labs SuperMesher or Thinkbox Xmesh with the limitation that this works only on animated meshes or objects that does not have any topology changes.

Change Renderer

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This is the updated version of my First Script which u can use to change Render Engines. Am planning to add more render engines if i get their RenderClass.names. I would like to add other renderers too but i need their rendererclass names. You can see how to get that at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy this simple script.


Version 4 Available HERE


v3.00b screenshot:

Mindflow KrakaMotion

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V-MOTION - Mindflow KrakaMotion // Sub-Frame Sampling Krakatoa Particle Generator


Idea by Ian Clemmer http://www.ianclemmer.com

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