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This is the updated version of my First Script which u can use to change Render Engines. Am planning to add more render engines if i get their RenderClass.names. I would like to add other renderers too but i need their rendererclass names. You can see how to get that at the end of the video. Hope you enjoy this simple script.


Version 4 Available HERE


v3.00b screenshot:

Changelog for v3.00b:

--Fixed an issue with Irradiance Map Presets not updating correctly in Vray renderer

--Fixed an issue with Caustics settings still accessible even when its turned off


Changelog for v3.00:

--Added the ability to Expand the UI and setup some of the V-Ray settings

--Added 2 more Options for Default Renderer

--Added the ability to open Render Setup from the Menu


v2.00 screenshot

Click Here For Screenshot

Changelog for v2.00:

--Added Krakatoa, QuickSilver, n-Tracer GPU renderers

--Added 3 options from Default Scanline Renderer

--Buttons related to third party renderers will be disabled if you dont have them installed

--Removed Material Editor selection



Click Here For Screenshot

Changelog for 1.04:

-- Nothing Much...Just a UI Adjuster

-- Fixed a Typo Error in the message box of Mental Ray Renderer



Click Here For Screenshot

Changelog for 1.02:

-- Added the ability to change Material Editor

-- Added Material Reset Option: Now you can set standard or Arch & Design or Vraymtl to all 24 slots of Material Editor

-- Added My Youtube Channel Smile



Click Here For Screenshot

--Initial Release




Additional Info: 

1: Download the file 2: Open 3dsmax and select MAXScript --> Run Script 3: Navigate to the file and Open

If The Below Video is not Loading or shows "An error occured, please try again later." Then right click in it and select "Watch on YouTube"

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 9 and above
Other Software Required: 
You can use it even if you dont have any plugins installed.
Video URL: 
render_changer_v1.00.mse1.12 KB
render_changer_v1.04.mse3.6 KB
render_changer_v2.00.mse6.14 KB
render_changer_v3.00b.mse24.77 KB


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Version 4 link Updated

Hello...Version 4 Link Updated

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RE: Get in touch with me...


I have written a change renderer that works off a multibox. So, it lists everyone of your renderers - so you dont care what renderer it is. Then just choose out of the multibox. I think that what you looking for...

[email protected]


Glen Whelden | Senior Solutions Consultant, Design Visualization
IMAGINiT Technologies
2 Commerce Drive, Suite 203, Bedford, NH 03110
T: 603.644.7243 ext. 2023 | C: 978.360.8526 | F: 6

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Temporarily Unavailable

The v4 of my script is temporarily unavailable now due to some issue with SolidRocks Script. It will be online as soon as everything is sorted out!

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the link to version 4 isn't

the link to version 4 isn't working for me, i'm logged in but redirects me to a page that says I need to register...?

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Script updated to Version 4

Script updated to Version 4

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Thanks currently

Thanks currently adding presets for Vray...i'll update soon

jinj's picture

Hi,glad you liked my


glad you liked my input... but like you I'm a vray user....
hopefully some mentalray user or of other renderer can send you some good setting.

btw... yesterday I find on evermotion a tutorial about mentalray final gather... there are a few videos from the same author. I think that they could be a help for you.

satheesh's picture

thanks for the kind words and

thanks for the kind words and idea jinj...i'll be adding presets for Vray like Solidrocks did. and am not so familiar with mental ray. i personally use Vray for all my projects. if you use Vray or mental ray and you use specific settings most of the time please send me those settings and i'll be happy to include them, so you can shift to those settings with a click of a button...

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hi, I find the script groving


I find the script groving from day to day... the development is interesting.

but since render engines are not noob things.....
why you not add to the interface in addition to render switch and mat editor resetter also some render presets for the listed render engines?
for example interior-exterior "preview" and "good" settings... render resolution..

it's just an idea!

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Hi, I do not quite understand


I do not quite understand this, what is it you want with this script?
I think it started as a good thing, but you are adding a lot of functionality now that might make the idea of the script a bit overkill.

I've done a similar script, which only do a few things, but it's similar to your script.

check out here:

Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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