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Corona Proxies Tool

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Select you corona proxies and press a button - "Solid Bounding Box", "Wire Bounding Box", "Point Cloud" and "Full Mesh" to switch the procies. This scrip is written and tested at 3ds max 2016. If you have some problem with your max version please text me.

Script category: “#todorScripts”.

You can downlod it from my website:

LIDAR Loader

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This is a Simple LIDAR Loader.

You must use a file with simple XYZ data on it (Usually a .txt)

I do recommend not to import Large Point Clouds or it will crash...

Options are pretty simple:
-Load LIDAR file
-Choose between Box, Triangle (Recommended) or Point Cloud
-Choose the size of your points
-You can collapse all the points in a single EditablePoly if you are using box or triangles (recommended for display speed)
-Hey Ho!-->Press GO!


25 votes

This is a script request developed for a friend of mine how uses Nuke's 3d tracker.

*** Bug fixes, objects support (need seperate export from nuke), set origin added, workflow improvements (second video with the updates)

Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer

8 votes

Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer, will let you import XYZ point-cloud data created with the Spherocam HDR spherical panorama camera.

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