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Corona Proxies Tool

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Select you corona proxies and press a button - "Solid Bounding Box", "Wire Bounding Box", "Point Cloud" and "Full Mesh" to switch the procies.

Script category: “#todorScripts”.

You can downlod it from my website:

LIDAR Loader

4 votes

This is a Simple LIDAR Loader.

You must use a file with simple XYZ data on it (Usually a .txt)

I do recommend not to import Large Point Clouds or it will crash...

Options are pretty simple:
-Load LIDAR file
-Choose between Box, Triangle (Recommended) or Point Cloud
-Choose the size of your points
-You can collapse all the points in a single EditablePoly if you are using box or triangles (recommended for display speed)
-Hey Ho!-->Press GO!


25 votes

This is a script request developed for a friend of mine how uses Nuke's 3d tracker.

*** Bug fixes, objects support (need seperate export from nuke), set origin added, workflow improvements (second video with the updates)

Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer

8 votes

Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer, will let you import XYZ point-cloud data created with the Spherocam HDR spherical panorama camera.

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