Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer

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Creative Tools AB - Vidar Nelson

Spherocam HDR point-cloud data importer, will let you import XYZ point-cloud data created with the Spherocam HDR spherical panorama camera.

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  • From the MAXScript menu, choose "Run Script..."
  • From the file browser dialogue, choose and open the script file: creativetools.se_spherocam_hdr_point_cloud_import.ms
  • Browse for the file: creativetools.se_spherocam_hdr_point_cloud_sample.txt (or any other point cloud data created by a Spherocam.
  • You should now see the point cloud from the Spherocam HDR-camera.
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Tested on 3ds Max Design 2009 - Should be compatible with earlier versions
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