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QuadSphere is an Object Plugin that creates spheres made of quads, which are useful for low polygon modeling and mesh subdivision.

Unlike TurboSmooth, with QuadSphere you can specify a level of subdivisions that is not power of 2. Another advantage is that the areas of the faces are more evenly distributed than using a Box with TurboSmooth.

Additionally you can unify the Materials IDs, create hemispheres with or without caps, and convert the object to poly with a single click.

Sphere render for Object2VR

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This script creates a set of rendered images which can be used with object2VR or a javaScriptObject by Finn Rodolph. Object2VR in its turn creates a flash or quicktime item from it. The javaScriptObject creates.... well you get it
Check out my blog for a more elaborate description.

the camera is animated in this manner.

Geo Spline Helper

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This is a geo spline I've create for 3ds max. Right now it displays a pop up dialog when the script is run, from there you can create a geo spline. I'm working on making it a scripted spline plugin. That will allow users to create it similar to when you create a circle or rectangle spline. If anyone knows how to go about doing that feel free to modify the script and then upload here to script spot.
John "Joker" Martini

c & c's are welcome!

Dome Light

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Create sphere array of lights to simulate GI for fast rendering.

Dome Light

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