TexTools: Toolbox for the texture artist

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Documentation: http://www.renderhjs.net/textools/

What is it:
A collection of tools that helps any texture artist with UV and texture related tasks. The main philosophy is to shorten typical steps into simple context sensitive single clicks. You don't need administrative rights, just drag the MZP file into the viewport and let it install itself into your 3dsMax user folders.

Most scripts are developed by me, I asked some people however to share their scripts and let me include them.Note that the scripts are free to improve, change, use for your own, just include the credits should you repackage anything. I stored each tool into a self contagious *.ms file so it should be easy to explore and extend the scripts for your own needs.

for more information and discussion

Additional Info: 

Installation: Just drag the MZP file into the viewport and install it from there. All files will be stored in your local 3dsmax userfiles so you don't need any Administrative rights to install it.


This 3dsmax user folder is usually located under:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2010 - 32bit\enu\ 

The installation will create a folder within the 'scripts' folder called 'TexTools' in which it will copy all the TexTools files that are needed. Four icon files will be copied into 'UI\usericons' for the macroscripts. Should the installation fail for some reason a prompt window will show up with a instruction on how to copy the files manually to get TexTools running.

Roadkill needs to be downloaded separately from:

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Other Software Required: 
Photoshop (optional for opening textures in PS), Roadkill for the RK functionality
Video URL: 
TexTools_4.10.mzp439.94 KB


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it works with 3ds max 2020

it works with 3ds max 2020

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Does this script still work!

Does this script still work in 2018 and 2020?
If not, then any good alternatives?

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Pixel Unit Transform Floater disappeared

Been using your script for a while, love it. I did notice that the Pixel Unit Transform Floater has disappeared all of the sudden. Im not exactly sure why. Everything else still works perfect. only thing that has changed was a new monitor with bigger res, but didn't think that would really kill that.

I should note, that when i hit the edit UV button it shows for a second then disappears right away.

Thanks for any help and love your script man saved me many of hours

EDIT: after messing with it a little more it does look like an effect from resolution when i shrink the window and save current settings it shows back up.

Just pushing polys

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Installation for versions older than 2011

Press F11 -> Open mzp file

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When using TexTools you will

When using TexTools you will see a Toolbox inside the GUI of 3dsmax. Most functions only work if you are in the editUVW mode in 3dsmax.


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dot net runtime exception

I'm also getting a dot net runtime exception on the clipboard (image_renderto) when trying to bake a blockout map

asymptote's picture

The chequered map is squished

The chequered map is squished in the viewport when using 2:1 ratio textures, is there a way of preventing this ? I tried resizing the map but it still views as a 1:1 ratio in the viewports.
Awesome tool btw ;-)

mastrein's picture

Getting a flat normal

Sorry commented on the wrong tool!

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Getting a flat normal

Hi! I have some problems with the tool. When using max own render to texture feature I get a good normal map but when I use your tool for it, my renders comes out flat. Even though everything is setup correctly and in the same manner as when using max's own tool.

bugmenot's picture

The issue is not with the

The issue is not with the program but on how you set Windows TaskBar, move it down and problem solved.

Consider that most people have Windows TaskBar on the bottom, not left.

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