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The image above says all. :)

Places the pivot of the selected object/s in one of the red colored circle.

For Editable Poly object/s you can place the pivot in the center of selected vert/s. edge/s, face/s.

Click with LMB on one of the red circle will tread all selected objects as one and the pivots of all objects will be in the same place.

Shift+LMB - every object in group or selection set  will be treated as a separate.

Version 1.1:

Now the tool will stay open until the "Exit" button is pressed or user click with RMB. This will allow you to select new object and change the pivot position without restarting the script. Watch the second video.

Version 1.2

some bugs are fixed

Version 1.3

fixed bugs:

 - select object when pressing the button

 - select hidden object

Version 1.4


- 3 types of pivot points cage - world BBox, local BBox(idea by @TitusLVR ) and dimension BBox.
- RexetXform and convert to Editable_Poly - idea by @tomastnt
- Shift+slecet another object will put the pivot of object to pivot of the selected objects

Version 1.5


- RexetXform and convert to Editable_Poly - idea by @tomastnt

I don't know why the video is not showed. Click here to watch it.


Drag and drop mzp file in 3ds max. Go to Customize - Customize user interface - "miauu" caegory and look for "Visual Pivot"

Version Requirement: 
tested in max 2009, should work in older versions too
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miauu_visualpivot_v13.mzp33.53 KB
miauu_visualpivot_v14.mzp47.01 KB
miauu_visualpivot_v15.mzp47.79 KB


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dmitrybelonosov's picture

Thank you

Thank you very much! Great quick tool!

TitusLVR's picture


Yes, point of idea in alingning pivot for whole object by face or N-selected faces, no matter of ref.coord.system., yes yes you understand me.

popa_3d's picture


yes I use 2009 so no nitrous in this version...

miauu's picture


You are using max without Nitrous, right?

When I have time I will add standart UI.

popa_3d's picture

It will be better

thnaks for this script I just think it will be better if you create a standard UI interface for it or give the abilty to chose between the two...

I don't like a lot this one cause it get weird when you move the mouse or rotate the view, pan...

miauu's picture

You want the pivot to be

You want the pivot to be oriented just like the sub-object pivot no matter of the ref.coord.syste?. For example when you select a face and the ref.coord.sys is Local the pivot is placed at the center f the face and its Z axis match the normal direction of the face. You want the VPP to place the pivot just like in the example?

TitusLVR's picture

Idea - sub-object selection local pivit to object level pivot

Hi !
Here is another idea its like funky tools pivot placer, but more useful
idea point in the picture:

Many thanx for your good job!

miauu's picture

Yes. I tested on max2012 and

Yes. I tested on max2012 and mzp does not work for me too, but I can't fix it, because I don't have max2012 for now. But, I will write new version in the next weeks, which will support max2012 and will have new ui.

mLichy's picture

Hey, Your latest MZP doesn't


Your latest MZP doesn't want to install for me in Max 2012.

For 1, I have to have a selection in the first place for it to start, and when i drop the .mzp, the tool starts, but doesnt install, and also stops working right away....

It looks great though!

Matt Lichy - 3D Artist

miauu's picture

I don't want to force people

I don't want to force people to buy my scripts that was free yesterdey. :) May be in the future I will post some other commersial scripts, but the scripts that is free now will stay free. But if you like my scripts you can go HERE and support me. :)

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