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I know nothing of scripting and I'm looking for a scripts that enables/disables different rendersettings.

The thing I want to do is to render out a additional image with the Override Material enabled and Lights and GI = OFF.

Was hoping to link this to the Post-Render script function so I can render out 2 images at once.

Really hope there is a good scripter out there that can help me.

Thanks in advance.



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this may help

mr = renderers.current
if (mr == mental_ray_renderer()) do (
	mr.Enable_Material_Override = on
	mr.GlobalIllumEnable = off

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I bet it would but...

...I use Vray. Forgot to write that, sorry.
I replaced the string and got it to work, the only thing now is to get it to rerender with the new setting and save it with the name-ending _AO

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Now I give up

have tried several hours to find a way to render the image one extra time with the new setting and save that render with the same name and path as the old but with the ending _AO.tif but I can't do it.

So, now I'm hoping for some more help, please.

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This will be of great help to

This will be of great help to you :)


To save with the same name as previous + _AO.tif you will need to get the name of the last saved file.

Save that to a variable, e.g. preName = rendoutputfilename (if saving with Max) or preName = vr.output_fileName for Vray VFB

Next you can parse the filename to change it to what you want to save the new file as: postName = substituteString preName "_RGB.tif" "_AO.tif"
Where it says "_RGB.tif", that will say whatever it is you want to change. If you simply want to add "_AO.tif" to the end, then just put ".tif"

Now you want to set the output to your new filename before saving: rendoutputfilename = postName for Max or vr.output_filename = postName for Vray VFB

I hope this makes sense/works and that it helps :)

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looks good....

But I can't get it to work.
Do you think you can write out the plain code so I understand how it is written, please?

Do I need to add a vr.output_saveFile = true to get it to save the file?

It just seems to follow what is written in the Split render channels output.

To render it with vrayframe buffer I'm using actionMan.executeAction 0
can that be a problem?

Hope you can help me with this.

Remember, I really know nothing of maxscript so no question can be to much explained:)

Also, thanks for the help so far.

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You need to try this script

You need to try this script if you not already


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Don't get it to work.

Get script error when starting max 2013.

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