Some Bugs ?



First congratulation for the great work : Scriptspot looks very great even it's a little slower to load.

I'd like to point to some bugs i saw :

1. some of the script's name are followed by NULL... which i don't understand...

2. In the "Orange" Menu list there are some problem to :

- an entry point to MOL and the other to Molecules (both of them point to the same script)

- one of the entry is called Manger ... a "a" is missing should be Manager

- one point to primitive, the other to primitiveS ... one is useless

3. The link doesn't work anymore.

uH...another one...I just saw after editing my post that the http links i'd just had get across the tread forum window.

And if you edit your post, click submit and then click on home » Off Topic » ScriptSpot Bugs / Wishlist....
the post doesn't update in the window (which by the way doesn't lokk like the previous forum window). 

NB : I'm using Firefox 2 



Thanks again