Proxy Manipulator

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Proxy Manipulator


Proxy Manipulator



I had this idea for a simple controller that would filter manipulations and pass them on to other objects. It is based on the 'Gizmo Transform' controller that comes with CAT, but this one is a lot more sophisticated, and can do a few more tricks.

Proxy Manipulator.

The idea is basically that often you want to easily manipulate one, or a group of objects quickly and easily. The proxy manipulator enables you to set up configurations where you can manipulate one object, which passes on those manipulations to target objects, which in turn get keyframed. In the video I show a couple of different configurations of how you can use the controller, but I am sure for an imaginative TD, there are loads of cases.



Extra Keys

I did a bit of an update to the ProxyManipulator.

One of the key goals was to set up a nice fast foot pivot system that didn't require any fancy controllers actually installed on the foot object. One of the weaknesses, is that although possible to manipulate an object in a perfect arc, the created keyframes will be linearly interpollated. I have added an option to create several keyframes on the time line at ouce, to create a better arc. If you wanted an object to move in a perfect circle, you just turn this value right up.

















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3dsmax 9, 3dsmax 2008, 3dsmax 2009
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Proxy Manipulator

Download link broken for me as well. Anyone willing to up this somewhere else?
anonymous proxies

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broken link

The download link isn't working.

Shawn Olson

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Is it just me or is that "superflow" script just a copy of this?


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Hi, there is no longer the

Hi, there is no longer the file existing in ADrive since this was posted a while ago, but (i beg u)can u upload it once more, or please send me the source file to my email : [email protected]?
I need this plug-in so bad...

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awesome thanks for 64bit

awesome thanks for 64bit version!

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Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the tool mrphatcat.

Its working a treat for what I need it to do.

Would be very interested to know if the Params panel of the Proxy Manipulator is open to key bind.

I would love to setup a hotkey for the Edit Manipulator xform.

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64bit please, else it is

64bit please, else it is useless :)
90% of us use xp64 :)


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Amazing!...but Is there a


Is there a way to do it in 64 bit ver?


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