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help with script to save and restore views

Hi guys, how´s going?
i need a help with a script i have, wich i "wrote" using macro recorder (i´m not a coder). Basically the script has two buttons, one saves the current view and the other restores the saved view. The thing is that it does not recognize if the view is a perspective or orthographic, so sometimes it gives an error if the saved is not the same type as the actual view (example, when i try to restore a saved perspective in an ortho view).

Mirror object/group on X or Y axis

Hi :)

Hopefully somebody can help me out here.

I'm looking for a script that easily mirror and object/group on the X or Y axis. I know that there are scripts that already do this, but they are part of another pop-up. I just like to attach it as a simple button i can press.

I've tried some stuff in the script below but my scripting skills are not well.

Thank you :)

instances to separate layers

Guys here's the script idea:
I need a script that would move all the instances (of multiple definitions) from the current selection to the separate layers
For example in the current selection I have 10 instances called AAA_ , 10 instances called BBB_ , 10 instances called CCC_ etc..
The script would create the separate layers in accordance to instances names, but starting with prefix z_ :
and move the instances to related layers (all AAA_ instances will be moved to layer z_AAA, BBBs to layer z_BBB etc)

select all by selected object(s) layer

Surprisingly I couldn't find this very basic subject.
Yes, I can open layer manager and double click the highlighted layer name, but I need it via shortcut. Also, if there are objects in *nested* layers they should also be selected.
Thank you

Automatic Assign Materials to Objects from Library

Hello guys,
maybe a script like that exists already, maybe I'm just searching with the wrong keywords...

Anyway, I'll try to explain what I need to do and maybe you can suggest me the fastest procedure or script!!! (sorry for my bad English grammar, I'm from Italy...)

Basically I've a rigged model of a robot with MANY sub-objects. That model has been animated in Maya and when returning to Max for final render it looses many materials properties, so I need to re-assign materials to each of the hundreds components.

Link Light color to pixel of texture

I posted this "MANY" years ago and still have not come up with a solution. Trying again to see if anyone has any insight.

I have a series of lights that I want to animate the color from the pixels of an animated texture/material.

For example if I had a grid of lights 5 x 5 and I had a texture that was 5 pixels by 5 pixels, I would like each pixel to drive the color of the light.

My end file is going to have 5000 lights and up to 5min of animation so I need a way to automate this.

Thank you


Select selection set modifier

Happy new year to everybody !

I was wondering if it is possible to make a modifier to select selection set.
Example :
I model an edit poly
on top I have a chamfer modifier.
Each time I select an edge to modify my model, i need to reactivate selection set.
If there was a modifier to do this it would be fantastic !
We could choose : subobject type, and selection set name.

Best regards.

Toggle modifier On/Off for certain frames


I've figured out how to toggle modifier for an object so far, i.e.

$Box001.TurboSmooth.enabled = false/true

yaay! But here's a thing - I need to switch this modifier only for frame 3, 4, 5
I'm a complete noob with the maxcript so I'm asking for help. I tried to dig myself but with no result.
Any ideas?

Make Objects Unique (With UI / Popup Floater)


I'm having a bit of trouble. I thought this would come standard with max but I can't seem to locate the "make objects unique" command to apply a shortcut to it. If this exists in Max, does anyone know what it is called? If not, is there a way to create a simple script that will accomplish the same thing? I need that floater to pop up that asks me if I want to make objects unique to each other (as sometimes I do not).

Thanks in advance.

Update a dotnet dll to work in max2024


I need the Hitchhiker.dll made by Pete Addington (lonerobot) to work with updated 3ds max version like 2024. It is working fine in 2020. I tried to reach Pete for couple of month but failed.
The script is available in this forum from 2010 may be. It is a thumbnail generator script for images files in a folder name supplied. I will pay if somebody can help me out. Will share details if you are interested.The issue is dotnet version related.

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