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Rotate UVWmap by view angle of viewport

Hello everyone i have an idea for a script that would be very useful, but i dont know how to make it, i think it is a little bit challenging.
I would like to rotate the Uvwmap by the view angle of the viewport, for example 90 degree or 180 degree.

Display currently selected Material ID name

So I am trying to slightly modify this script by hunter_sk:


basically I just want the name of the currently selected material ID to appear after the ID number, which is already displayed on the top left part of the interface.

So far I've added this line (and moved everything downwards to leave a full line for ID name)

label nameID "" pos:[2,20]

but I can't figure out the other part (or parts?) that I need for the ID name to appear.

How to deform mesh with motion vectors or optic flow like in UCAP for The Matrix movie ?

How to deform mesh with motion vectors or optic flow like in UCAP for The Matrix movie ?

Stretch value finder?

Say some object has PathDeformBinding (WSM) mod applied. I need a tiny script to find exact Stretch value so the obect would form an exact ring (if path is closed shape) or will stop exactly at the path end (if path is not closed). Is it tecnically possible?

Parametric detach by Smoothing Group or Material ID

I'm very into parametric modeling in 3dsmax and use Smoothing Groups or material IDs to create set of reference object which easy to modify through the source object.
Need to automate this routine.

For example we have object with several different Smothing Groups assigned:

- run script
- number of Reference Clones are created with Volume Select + Delete Mesh + PolySelect modifiers
- number of Clones is equal to number of SG (or MatID).
- Volume Select with Face / Invert / by Sm Group (or MaterialID) paremeters
- keep source object with Display as Box parameter

Alternative to detach by MatID

I'm looking for a script that will detach an object into separate objects based on material ID. However I usually work with weighted normals and a standard select and detach will break them. So it would be useful to have a script that first duplicates the object then selects the faces of the material ID, inverts the selection and then deletes. After that it repeats itself for each remaining material ID of the object. Any help would be much appreciated.

Default Lights Follow View Angle - toggle

I would like to make a toolbar to toggle this feature (on/off), is it possible?

ps.this feature was removed in 3ds Max 2021, I am using 2020.

bake animation

a new script allows to us bake animation from animated deformed poly object to the selected edge from itself and script crate a line and bakes animation to vert.

Applying material within SimpleMeshMod

Is there a way to apply a material from within a SimpleMeshMod without triggering and recursive loop of the object changing?

When the Enable button is pressed, i want the material applied, otherwise I'm planning on then restoring the original material. But i can't even get the temp material applied without it crashing. Do i need to store the material in a local variable and not the param block?

plugin simpleMeshMod myMaterialModifier
classid:#(0x491fdf76, 0x7493038e)
    local tempMaterial = MultiSubMaterial()

Sort Batch Render Cameras sequence by camera name

i have so many max files that contains batch render cameras and i need to sort the render sequence alphabetically by camera name. for elaboration check this link: http://www.hm-studios.com/downloads/batchsort.jpg

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