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Library Track / Relink... works with Multiple .MAX .MAT or XRef files without opening them. 

Dedicated to organize, collect or relink whole model library or all projects after moving them to new location. Just few clicks and they ready to merge / open !

Some of the options:

- Find all max, mat files in Selected folder + all subfolders (eg Library folder)
- Show assets status ( OK -network,  OK - local,  Not found ) Status is based on real check if file exist in network or HDD, not from asset manager.
File status in 3 colors -> Found - network, Found -  local, Not found ( eg.: easy sort and select all local -> copy selected to network)
- Show and change asset paths in multiple max files without opening them.
Sort files by name, image width, height, file size, path, gamma, texture name, status  (Found - network, Found -  local, Not found)
- Change / Rename paths (with paths history and rename path prefix eg. change only server/drive letter)
      * Choose path from history + used paths in current project
      * Pick new path
      * Change Drive letter
      * Batch rename paths beginning ( drive letter or paths C:\sample\abc\ and rename them to Z:\3d\sample\abc\

- Rename / Copy / Move selected files on HDD (copy with new name or rename + replace path in max file)
- Move / Copy local files to network with auto path replacing (for distributed / network render)
- Collect selected or all assets from multiple Max Files:
      * with path structure - similar to max archive
      * creates archive without opening 3ds Max
      * chang asset paths to new location

- Supports files in IFL - sequence image files - resize / copy / path replace + rewrite IFL to relative paths
- It works with all kind of external assets VrayBmpFilter, VrayHDRI, VrayProxy, VrayIES, CoronaIES, Xrefs and much more
- Track, Auto-Relink, Collect all Assets inside of Xref files.
- Find and auto relink assets
Resize bitmaps
- Batch Re-save Max files -
to clean or convert scenes to Corona or FStorm, It has also option to use your own custom scripts (see screenshot below)
- Batch Proxy Exporter - to export or convert scenes to VRay or Corona Proxy

Coming in next versions:
- On auto relink - check if there are multiple files with the same name


v1.02.01 (test version for test users)
 - fixed support for Corona Converter in Corona 7
   - to convertt VRayDispalcement modifiers
   - to convert VRayProxy

  - added support for new Corona Converter in Corona 7 (in Re-Save Max files)
  - Auto-Relink window is sizable now (to display long paths)
  - Remove Assets has a new message window with option to run process in new instance or not
  - added new method to speed up reading image size - especially for large EXR, HDR, TIFF, TX etc
  - fixed problem with search limit (up to 1000 files)
  - added new query window with more option when the search limit is reached
  - new setting to change search limit (go to Settings > General)
  - Overwrite window with previews and more info should work now too
  - 'Open destination folder' message box has new checkbox "Do not show this again"
    (to change Open destination folder settings - go to Settings > Notificatin tab)
  - fixed bugs in Re-Save functions (stopping batch process in some cases)
  - fixed status bar info (total and selected files)

- new options in Max Files list:
    - added column header right-click menu - to choose columns
    - added saving columns widths and order
    - added new columns Date Modified, Date Created (if you don't see them - right-click on header and pick them)
- added check if max files are "Save as" newer 3ds max version (for Re-Save Max files, Batch Proxy Export, Remove assets)
- fixed bug with refreshing after Rename / Copy / Resize
- fixed bug in Auto-Relink window - Search MaxFile folder - preview list had no updated spinner value after open
- fixed bugs in ReSave max files dialog with FStorm converter
- fixed problem with not working Batch Proxy Export
- fixed UI issues in Light Theme

- Re-save Max files and Convert to Proxy:
    - added check for existing files - Ask / Replace / Use Existing / Skip
    - check if output folder exist and make folder if not
    - replaced Max and Proxy output path fields to Editable ComboBoxes
    - added drag and drop into Max and Proxy output path fields
    - added option to batch process in the same max instance
- Re-save Max files:
    - added option to move all objects to one layer and delete other layers
    - fixed prefix/suffix support
    - disable / enable possible options - depend of Save MAXtoMAT and MATtoMAX
    - fixed support for newer version of FStorm converter
    - fixed save gamma settings

- Rename/Copy files
    - possible to use $scene tag to rename by multiple scene names
    - possible to ignore Case with Regex Extension
    - highlight items in red if not possible to proceed
    - fixed: save settings: Remove first and Remove last

- UI changes:
    - new custom controls (EditText, Spinner, ComboBox, ProgressBar)
    - added arrow to show sorted column and sort order
    - changed columns style for darker theme
    - settings: added row height option (in addition to font height)

 - fixed: keep selection on assets list after Resize, Convert, Rename/Copy itp
 - fixed: search for more then 1000 max files
 - fixed bug in multithreaded AutoRelink - it was still crashing during long searches
 - fixed checkbox "SubDirs" in Autorelink
 - fixed sorting by asset path column - in the assets list

 - added possibility to deactivate and move license to new workstation (Deactivate in right-click menu)
 - added possibility to automatically activate license on first start without user interaction
   - solution for offices with multiple licenses - specially when script started from network location
   - it require additional 'activation-data.ini' file to be placed in same folder as .mse script file
    email= purchase email
  - to request 'activation-data.ini' file or for more info - ask me by email

 - fixed support for newest FStorm Converter (1.2.10a)
v0.93.19 - test version
 - added 2 options to Re-Save dialog (for Corona converter):
     - Fix CoronaNormal gamma value
     - Convert Vray Displacement
v0.93.17 - test version
 - added Resize by Percent in Resize Bitmaps Dialog
 - fixed Convert scene to FStorm for new versions of FStorm
v0.93.15 - test version
 - show Save as Version (for max versions 2010 and up)
 - new optionin Batch Proxy Export - VRay Proxy Preview types: (Vertex Clustering, Refined Clustering, Face skipping) 
 - Rename/Copy Files - select repeating names (on Apply pressed)
 - Rename/Copy Files - added convert Cyrillic to Latin / Latin to Cyrillic characters
 - re-sizable Rename / Copy Files dialog
 - fixed error on script start in max 2017 / 2018 / 2019
 - updated Resize / Convert dialog:
    - save defaults / history of last 10 (prefix and suffix)
 - updated Rename / Copy Files:
    - added new Browse / Select Folder Dialog (Windows 7 style)
    - added possibility to rename selected filenames to one name ( only for "Rename in scene paths" option )
    - save defaults / history of last 10 rename options
    - resizable dialog
 - added exeption: when dragging files from BTR to LTR - only XRef (.max) files can be drag and dropped to LTR
 - fixed error when Copy / Rename multi-file IFL or included max file - with the same name and same location as original
 - new SetPath dialog
    - added Find / Replace option + save all fileds history (up to 10 items)
    - new preview paths method - shows wrong paths / errors in red
    - faster preview - combines only unique paths
 - new Progress Dialog with error logs (printed to edit box and to saved to log file)
 - new Remove Selected Assets
 - stronger overwrite files protection
 - new Overwrite window with:
    - Replace / Use Existing / Skip / Cancel buttons
    - Apply to All
 - new Browse button functionality:
    - Left-click - new Select Folder Dialog (Windows 7 style)
    - Ctrl + Left-click - old Browse Dialog
    - Right-click - Open Folder
 - drag and drop added to all Specify Path edit boxes
 - added history to Search in Path (Autorelink UI)
 - added Resize to Nearest Power of 2 (256, 512, 1024, 2048 etc)
    - resize up or down (both - width and heigh) to nerest power of 2 ( it ignores image aspect ratio )
 - Support for Tagged Mari Tiles <UDIM> (Copy / Collect, Resize, Convert to JPG / TX / EXR)
 - Support for Mudbox Tiles <UVTILE> Tag (Copy / Collect, Resize, Convert to JPG / TX / EXR)
 - drag and drop Selected XRef from Bitmap Tracking Resizing to Library Track / Relink to Repath assets in XRef
 - show file and image size of Tx files, Tagged Mari Tiles <UDIM> and Mudbox Tiles <UVTILE> (it shows info form 1st tile)
 - convert Tx to Jpg
 - new Collect / Copy Assets dialog
 - fixed stability of multi-threaded Auto-Relink - specialy for max 2014
 - added Pause option in Auto-Relink
 - fixed - save last browse folder and history list
 - new Total size of selected assets - added to Status bar
 - fixed progress window
 - resize bitmaps
 - show bitmap size / sort by bitmap size
 - double click or press Enter on bitmap - open bitmap preview window
 - added backup option in Auto-Relink
 - added small help info in Auto-Relink dialog - button "?"
 - fixed and faster Multi-threaded Auto-Relink ( still Beta but should be more stable now )
 - refresh only changed Max files after Strip paths, Set path, Auto-Relink
  - tested and fixed options from v0.71 and v0.74
  - Point out files with errors in Asset Metadata
v0.74 test
  - Favorite folders list - Library folders to search for max files
v0.71 test
  - Set Asset Paths from Main window
  - Strip Asset Paths from Main window
  - Auto-Relink Assets from Main window
  - Mutli-threaded auto-relink (testing / beta option)
  - My Locations - to skip unkown network paths
  - Save settings - List colors, window location and size etc.
  - new - "Custom Scripts"  in Re-Save Options - It opens possibilty to use your custom scripts for Batch Re-Save max files :)
  - Batch Proxy Exporter  -  for multiple max files :
      - Corona Proxy
      - VRay Proxy
v0.62.03 - test version
  - test - Batch Proxy Exporter  -  for multiple max files  (only VRay Proxy now)
v0.62.01 -  test version
  - test - FStorm Converter
  - new - folder browse history + max file history (editable dropdownlist in main window)
   - new re-save options - batch convert scenes with CoronaConverter
   - resave with Thumbnalis images
v0.61.01 -  test version
   - batch convert Max files to CoronaRenderer
   - batch convert Material, Lights to Corona in multiple Max files
      it uses external CoronaConverter script by Racoon-Artworks
      it comes with Corona or can be downloaded from
   - fixed bug/error on first start
  - Re-Save options:
     - change File Gamma
     - Rescale the File Objects to Sytem Units Scale -> it recognize your System Unites Scale
     - Reset Renderer Settings ( 1st swich to default Scanline than back to current renderer)
     - Choose 3ds Max version to save - (always only 3 versions down available)
  - drag and drop max files or folders to main window (+ Ctrl to add more files)
  - strip asset paths from main window (to not check for all network paths)
  - fixed find / replace in renaming filenames
  - fixed to resave older .mat files to new version
  - search for assets in .max .mat files (it should work also with .chr .drf but please test it and let me know)
  - fixed double click on image file.
  - fixed repath for same file name in multiple Max files
  - fixed refresh - keep windows on foreground
  - added: Show amout of Assets and Missing Assets in Main MaxFiles window - requested by 3dwannab - thanks !
  - search and  auto-relink for missing assets in multiple Max files
  - Fixed set path issue in Rename, Copy Selected, Set / Rename path
  - 2 windows: first list with max files and second with assets
  - Rename / Copy with new filenames
  - check Max file version - if older or newer than 2010
  - list shortcuts Ctrl+A, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+D (select all, invert, deselect)
  - 3 buttons - Refresh + Back + Get Assets
  - double click on max file to Get Assets Info

How to use:
- Choose folder to search for max files (with or without all subfolders)
- Select max files to show their assets -> Double click or Right-click menu -> Get Assets Info or Button Show Assets
- Right-click menu for more operations.

Demo available here:

Full version available on my page:
Library Track / Relink (
Library Track / Relink (

All purchases from are send automatically in few minutes now !
All updates till v2.00 will be send automaticaly too.

Note for Turbo Squid users:
To activativate your license and get new updates please register your purchese and e-mail first.
This is still not automatic. Please contact me on [email protected]

Similar tool but for opened scene only:

Thanks for testing and great suggestions to:

Let me know what you think. Waiting for all sugestions.

Re-Save Dialog:

Batch Proxy Exporter:


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flavio3d2009's picture

Show !

Very good program, helps a lot in productivity.

dobromir's picture

The best and fastest by far relink script

Its the most important script that everyone should have!
And this one is the best!
Well done Pixamoon!

pixamoon's picture

re: collect asset option

Hi, Sorry, not yet. But good idea, will add it in future.


nefertum's picture

Collect asset option

Hi, very useful script! Question: while using "Copy/Collect Assets" function with multiple .max files, is it possible for those to be created (in chosen outputh location) each in its own new separate folder (named automaticaly for example after the .max file)? In these folders would be the copied .max and it's textures/etc. I'd like to process a huge number of 3d assets and this would be a great help. So far (using version 0.93) I managed to: a) quickly copy/collect all these .max files with their assets, but all into the same folder OR b) achieve my goal by creating the new folders and using copy/collect one-by-one -> road which would take days for whole library to be done. Is there solution to this which i'm missing? If not, would it be possible to complement it in some future versions? Thank You.

pixamoon's picture

re: sort by date

Thanks, this is a good idea, I will add it in one of the next updates.

Sorry for the long break with updates. Working on a bigger update now and will publish it soon.


nnq2603's picture

Maybe you consider to add sort by modified date to collumn?

Ability to sort by time/date modified/date created is quite important for me when work with this script in big folder contain bunch of max files. Name or size, ver, Assets, etc... they could be highly various/diversed so time stamp is important property to sort/identify *.max files.

Thanks, btw this has no update for quite a long time.

D0br0's picture

Cool script

Very good script that saves a lot of time.

luis_tornel's picture

awesome script

saves time, it is fast and stable... what else can you ask for?

luis_tornel's picture

awesome script

saves time, it is fast and stable... what else can you ask for?

neilcooper33's picture

love this plugin

so useful when dealing with files on a network and having to transfer locally, thanks!

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