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Adjust Key Time

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This is a NOT maxscript but AfterEffects script.
But this script related to StateSets and is very useful for 3dsmax users.

This script corrects subtle errors in the time set for layer keyframes in AfterEffects.

There is a function called StateSet that links 3D information such as cameras, lights, and planes in 3dsmax with AfterEffects.
However, there is a problem that keyframes have errors for information from beyond 10 seconds in time within 3dsmax.
(For example, after 2400F for a 24FPS setting, or after 3000F for a 30FPS setting)

AE Transfer

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AE Transfer is a set of two scripts, for Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects, that allows these two apps to exchange parameters of 3D objects and 3D layers with each other.

After Effects transforms exporter

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Here is a free tool for copying animation from 3ds Max into After Effects via the clipboard, and the native AE clipboard data. You will be able to copy and paste keyframe data for position, rotation and scale from 3ds Max onto objects in AE.

3DS MaxTrackBar Markers Script

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This script marks specific frames in an animation, adds a note to each marked frame and save the list as xml.
The script is quite useful when juggling scenes and need to keep track of requiered changes, or team members need to share info among them.
The list will not be saved with the scene, it needs to be saved externally as xml to be used when re-opening the scene.

TrackBarMarkers XML AE v2.1.6 :

  • New AfterEffects script which imports and exports xml.
  • max2afx_TrackData_Exp

    21 votes

    max2afx UI

    Export the motion data of any object from 3D Studio to After Effects without rendering, postproduction tracking etc.

    The workflow can be seen here (~30MB Quick Time):

    After Effects animated position exporter

    37 votes

    This script allows the user to bring 3D positions from 3DS Max to After effects, both static and animated. This is intended to be used for compositing footage or other 2d elements into your 3D scene in After Effects.

    AfterEffects Keyframe Exporter

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    A small tool to export keyframes to after effects. cam be used to export cameras and all other animation or static position. works with all kinds of animation (constrained, parented...).

    this is my first script here. so feel free to post comments and suggest improvements.

    UPDATED. working... again...

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