Adjust Key Time

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This is a NOT maxscript but AfterEffects script.
But this script related to StateSets and is very useful for 3dsmax users.

This script corrects subtle errors in the time set for layer keyframes in AfterEffects.

There is a function called StateSet that links 3D information such as cameras, lights, and planes in 3dsmax with AfterEffects.
However, there is a problem that keyframes have errors for information from beyond 10 seconds in time within 3dsmax.
(For example, after 2400F for a 24FPS setting, or after 3000F for a 30FPS setting)

If you copy the keyframe data to a text editor, you will recognize the errors where the keyframe times contain decimal points.

This script can be used to correct the error.

[How to use]

Select the layer you want to correct and click the "Execute" button to correct the error.
When processing is finished, a window will appear to indicate that processing is complete.
Processing may take some time if there are many keyframes.