3ds max .mat file manager(Wanted)! Please help!

Hi all spoters^^
I am having trouble with different render engine material managerment!
I need something like this workflow,for example,I have a model called model01,it has a vray material applyed! But I want to make another render engine such as corona material via .mat! So I need a ui script that has a drop down menu,that contains vray and corona version .mat file! Basicly if I need a vray version,then I can select vray from the dropdown menu,it will auto apply the vray material to the model01,and I can drag it and drop to max anytime,so does the corona version!(I've alrady adjust the final material of these two engine and save as a .mat file)
I have 0 knowleadge of max script,could some one please help me through this? A built in ui maxscript will do the job I think,or an exe app will be better!(of cause I need to drag my models into 3ds max and place anywhere that face to geo's normal)~~
In a word,long story short,I need two funtions:
1.a ui that shows the model thumbs with a drop dwon menu(contains two render engine)that I can choose to this model(.mat file pre made)
2.drag the models into 3ds max and can paint or place to the object's normal(I knew there are plenty of scripts that can do this job)
Please help!! It's paid job! Please contact me via email: [email protected]