Maxscript Developer for Render Farm Submitter

I'm offering server rental service in the 3d industry and I'm looking for the freelance software developer who wants to working about fully automated and easy-to-use software development project.

I use Thinkbox Deadline for the Renderfarm management software. This application is fully integrated into 3d applications and offers a very comprehensive maxscript (GUI). With this GUI, users can submit render jobs directly from within 3D applications via local or remote connection.

The maxscript development;
It is to provide a simple easy-to-use maxscript interface. I have designed the Render724 GUI for this and I want the Deadline GUI to have all the functions it has.

In addition to the Deadline functions, new functions will also requested. Details will be provided second part of phase.

There are 5 attachment files.
1. Deadline GUI: It works fine and we can use the functions in this file.
2. Render724 GUI_v0: There are some problems, but some of the functions we need are working
3. Render724 GUI_v1: New GUI design. A list of all functions of this maxscript is also attached.
4. Render724 Login: Maxscript GUI design
5. To Do List: It includes a list of all functions

render724_maxscript.zip427.06 KB