3ds max and it's rotation problems.

I am working on a script to export animation data from a linked helper point to a .txt file to extract the animation in one point of an object.

Baking the animation for the helper point is not the problem.
The position and scale do not make any trouble.

But the rotation values are not good to be exported.
I want every rotation-axe to have it's isolated number.
It should be able to reach more than 360 degrees.

Now when I'm in coordsys View or Wolrd, 3ds Max tends to mix the rotation values. For example when I am typing into the transform Type-In:

3ds max changes the values to:

which is problematic when I want to export it to for example After Effects or to other apps where I'm using a self scripted decoder to read the animation data.

Is there a Way to isolate every rotation axis?