A way to use skin weight values with a link constraint.


2 questions:

1 - Is there a link constraint in max were you can control its weight value, hence the strength of the link, similar to position or orientation constraints?

2 - If so, is it possible to seek out the skin modifier weight information per bone and use those values with "a link constraint" to get X amount of dummies to follow the corresponding bones with those respective values?

Example: a mesh is skinned to Bone 01 and bone 02, after i create dummies per every vertex of this mesh, I would like to link those dummies to bone 1 and 2 according to the skin modifier weight values of those bones. I don't want the dummies to follow vertices or anything like that for now, just looking for a way to alter the weight of the link according to the vertex weight of the skin modifier its sitting on.

I'm doing this because i want the dummies to move with the bones according to the values of the skinned mesh.

is this accessible in maxscript?

Thank you very much.