Aligning multiple text objects to box objects in multiple groups.

Hey guys,

I've been trying to do something in max and am in desperate need of help...

I have maybe 400 boxes, each one has text hovering above it (all with different words). Each box and respective tex hovering above it is in a group. For instance: Box 01 says "Box A01" in the text object hovering above it and both of these are in a group called Box 01.

Now what I need to do is align the hovering text objects orientation (rotation) to its respective box in its group. So "Box A01" text object needs to align to Box 01 in the Box 01 group, "Box A02" text object needs to align (rotation-wise) to Box 02 in the Box 02 group, etc.

As I mentioned, there are several hundred of these. And they're not just simple names like what I mentioned above, each one has a specific name. I've tried a few scripts, tried taking apart and putting together my own scripts, etc. but no luck so far. And I feel like this wouldn't be THAT difficult to do, I just feel like I'm overlooking a simpler way to do this... currently, I'm manually opening all the groups, aligning the text to each and every box individually and then finally closing the groups again... it's taking ages :( I've barely made a dent.

Any help/tips/pointers would be GREATLY appreciated!