@ALL : If you shut down your website & links, then please put your files w/ Email into a dropbox account and give us the link.

Hello everyone.
I enjoy Scriptspot, I have for many, many years.
Sadly, this community has been seeing many script/plugin/etc pages with links that are dead.. and while there are a few people who have re-linked files to avoid leaving dead links(HUGE T.Y. 2 THEM), not everyone has.. in fact, many of the popular pages have dead links. WHY? Where's the consideration of members.. current and future !?

If you ever decide to remove your website from the net OR the files that you link for the members.. then please, think about putting a package into a DropBox account and then switch out the links you have in this site. We all know how easy it is to put a package online somewhere for safe keeping. DropBox makes this ever so easy..

OR.. make a DIR or subdomain on your 'current' site, and put the files there and put the new links in your page(s) here.

OR.. iirc, Scriptspot can host smaller files for you, directly form within the page you create !! I know because I have used that feature!

!!!! NO EXCUSES PLEASE!! We love this place and it's sad to see people just not care.

Thanks for reading,
- .eb