Am I the only wierdo or would you like to select the vertex and handles with the keyboard?

Hello everybody.

Being a photographer I decided to produce perfect woman’s legs. After producing many of them using 2D software I decided to go for it and to make them 3D (save a lot of time).

Strangely enough I succeeded.

In the process, I became wary of moving the vertex around using the mouse (meaning you have to grab one rotate and place it then select the handles then move them then move slightly the vertex then select the next vertex move the handles and then the vertex, go back to the first vertex handles and so the long days passed.

Well I am not going to do it again.

So I am in the process of scripting a tool that would work so:

Working with a splines cage and having the 2 vertex of the area already selected.

1) Shortcut to begin the script.
2) A rollout appear to ask me the step (1 unit, 0,1unit 0,05units …) in a spinner.
3) If I enter 8 or 2 (numpad) the vertex move one step up or down the y axis, 6 and 4 are for the x axis, 9,7,3,1 one step in the logical directions in the xy plane ctrl + one of the above move one step on the z axis or in the zx plane , alt+one of the above move the vertex one step on the z axis or in the zy plane.
4) If I enter i and a vertex is selected the higher (maximum y view relative) intangente is selected and is moved accordingly to 3). If an intangente is already selected the other one gets selected can be moved. And so on.
5) Whenever I entrer o the outtangentes are to be treated. v gives me the hand on the vertex again.
6) When moving the vertex p selects the previous one while n selects the next one. (like the cycle button)
7) Shift + p or n gives me access to the previous or next spline’s same vertex by number.
8) e ends the script.

This should allow me to place everything exactly at the place I want them to. Very useful for accurate placing without having to select things.

Questions are: I am the only weirdo here or would you like to try it? And, what other facilities would you like to have?