Animating Constraints Keys

I'm an advanced animator, but a complete begginer to MaxScript, and I need help for what I believe would be a very simple script.

I am using biped for this animation.

I have the character. The head is a ball, and the ball can be taken off. The animation is of the character taking his head off a stick and putting it back on himself. The different objects to which the head can be attached to are:

Biped Right Hand
Biped Left Hand
Biped Head
Stick (not part of biped)

I am currently using Link Constraint to attach the head to everything, but I am animating with poses, so when I want to move the pose around in the Track Bar, I have to manually change the Link Constraint frame. There are a lot of constraints.

Is there a way to control constraints by somehow placing them visually as keys on the Track Bar?