Change properties of multiple vraymtl

Hi there,

For my first post on that great forum, and in order to go deeper into maxscript, I'd like to ask you something.

My aim is to turn off the reflection in the vraymtl of multiple 3D characters I have. Some of them are made of simple vraymtl, while some others are made of blend mtl.

I've tried checking this with the macrolistener, but as I am a total newbie in scripting, I didn't understand anything that much.

The only code line I understood was " sceneMaterials["CWom0319-HD2-O01P01-S"].option_traceReflection = off " when I turn the reflection off of the character. Now, the idea is to do it for all the selected objects.

Any help would be much appreciated !

Thanks in advance,

All the best,