Delete editPoly modifier faces

What's the best way to go about deleting the faces of an edit poly mod? Does the user have to go into the mod panel for it to work?

fn fnCreateFXPuck = (
	fxPuck = Cylinder smooth:on heightsegs:1 capsegs:2 sides:8 height:0.0 radius:12 mapcoords:on pos:[0,0,0] isSelected:on
	ep = Edit_Poly()
	fxPuck = addModifier fxPuck ep
	max modify mode --switch to Modify tab of Command panel
	modPanel.setCurrentObject ep --set the Edit_Poly as the current level
	subObjectLevel = 4 --switch to Face level 
	ep.Select #Face #{} 
	ep.Select #Face #{1..24} 
	ep.SetOperation #DeleteFace