displaying/drawing text and lines on viewport

Good morning everyone!

I had few questions for all you Maxscript gurus out there, and really appreciate any help or suggestions in advance.

My ultimate goal for now, is to replicate point helper.  and to do so, i had few questions i could not find in maxScript helpfile.

1. drawing or showing text on viewport thats not a poligon or spline

best example is the good old point helper.  when you create a point helper, and tick "axis tripod" option, it displays X Y Z, very similar to gw.text, as in its not a spline or poligon, just a text drawn into viewport.

i have been experimenting to figure out the best way to draw things in viewport that is not made with splines or poly.
basically similar to maxScript's builtin function "Viewport Drawing Methods".  

"Viewport Drawing Methods" can do few things i am trying to achieve, but setting it up, and registering viewport callbacks to keep updating it on viewports are qutie tedious, and has lots of limitations.  for example, when you create a poitn helper with axis tripod on, the X Y Z text is shown on all 4 viewports, and when you pan, rotate the view, its always drawn.

2. drawing something thats cant' be snapped, as in just a graphical representation,

as you are aware, the point helper can only be snapped onto its pivot, the 3 lines representing their axis is invisible to max's snap function.  this question is related to the first one, as if the 3 axis in point helper is drawn with low-level graphics onto max's viewport, that explains why its not snapped onto as its just a line drawn on screen.  or i was wondering if there is a special parameter thats defined when creating helper scripted plugin that makes its contents just a graphical display.

so simply put, how are those 3 axis drawn in point helper?

3. i am still not 100% sure on limitations on maxscripts. i had not yet found any limitation on using maxscript to do what i need and want.  but perhaps this kind of object + plugin creation is where SDK kicks in.

It would help if someone could tell me if creating exact replica of point helper is even possible with maxscript.

As always, thank you in advance for any help!

Look forward hearing from you all.