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 I'm wondering if it is possible to retrieve the "effectsChannel" id from a sub texturemap. what I mean my effectsChannel, as it is called in maxscript, is the little number flyout on the material editor window with a tool tip reading "Material ID Channel" often used in VideoPost as a selection tool. I've attached a shot of the material editor with my example texture.

According the to the maxscript docs, effectsChannel is a property available to the class Material, and all of its derived classes (one of which is TextureMap). However using superClassOf() to back out of, let's say, the "Marble" TextureMap class it says it is MAXWrapper:TextureMap:Marble, completely by-passing the Material Class. So when I use maxscript to get myMarble.effectsChannel, with myMarble being a sub texturemap of a standard material, it says that it can't find the property "effectsChannel". This is odd since it retains whatever you set the flyout on the material editor to - so at some level it is there - maybe just not for MaxScript.

 I'm likely missing something and maybe there is a way to force convert it to a type of Material, but I can't find this. Not to mention there is the confusing issuse of Material IDs on objects and Material IDs in MultiMaterials which are not what I'm looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Terry Linder

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