extending modifiers and applying properties


I'm new to Maxcripting, and am starting by trying to make a simple modifier which 'extends' the Bevel modifier to generate lo-res houses with preset parameters. 

I have tried to figure it out from the online documentation, with no luck. I can't figure out how to apply Bevel properties to the selected spline. I'm obviously missing something, but either can't find it in the help file or can't see it when I'm looking at it. 

Thank you for any help  

plugin modifier House_Modifier    name:"House Modifier"    classID:#(0x243329dd, 0x510110f0)
    extends:Bevel replaceUI:true

    delegate.Keep_Lines_From_Crossing = 1
    delegate.Starting_Outline = -1
    delegate.Level_1_Height = 2.5
    delegate.Use_Level_2 = 1
    delegate.Level_2_Outline = 1
    delegate.Level_2_Height = 0
    delegate.Use_Level_3 = 1
    delegate.Level_3_Height = 1.5
    delegate.Level_3_Outline = -50
    delegate.Cap_Bottom = 1
    delegate.Cap_Top = 1