Flying Letters from a Custom Text

I've tried running this script found in Maxscript
tutorials a few times unsuccessfully.

"Flying Letters from a Custom Text"

I have also found that, the .Max sample scene file is
no longer available in my Maxscript directory.


Would anyone know, how I could get hold of a copy the original
3dsmax scene, which goes with the script.
Or alternatively, any suggestions on how I could possibly go about,
setting up the scene for myself?!

My second question is on Scripting a rigg......

Would anyone know, how I could write a rigging sequence within max?
I would first need to draw multiple bones between
numbers of point helpers.

Which is no problem :- "This draws two bones between three helpers"
startPos = $point01.pos
endPos = $point02.pos
thirdPos = $point03.pos
BoneSys.createBone startPos endPos [0,0,1]
BoneSys.createBone startPos thirdPos [0,0,1]

So, I’d like to use a simple function, to do this for my rigg.....
"Maybe with a naming convention to aid things a little."

Then finally place the controllers to finish off rigging.
“Hopefully it should remain a fairly simple script to understand"
I figure the only complicated part should be scripting the wiring after,