Getting full path from picked track

Hi everybody,

I have one Pick Track button which opens the Track View Pick Dialog.
I have used the command ‘trackview.PickTrackDlg()’ which gives me subanim of the picked track.
Once the subanim is stored in a variable, I want to generate a full path to reach back to the same subanim of different multiple selected objects (off course, it is already considered that all the objects have the same subanim).
I have got terribly stuck here!
I am able to get the parent of the picked subanim which is a controller.
But I don’t know how to get back to each parent and save the full path like, $object.xform.gizmo.position.z etc.
Let me make it more clear.
Suppose, have a bezier_float in the noise strength track of the z_position of the gizmo of xform modifier. Now, user picks up this noise_strength track and from that I have to know the full path from object to that picked track. I can use this path to iterate through multiple objects and find this track in each of them.

I hope I made this clear:-)

Please give some solution on this.