How to get the Projectname - an other tips for my first MaxScript ( Max 2019 )


I'm fighting to get my first Script done - i'll try to get some files from a source-folder and copy them into a new sub-folder within the actual projectfolder.

I'm not sure if it's the best-way to do this - but it actually works.

macroScript GetAssets
	             category:"My Own Scripts" 
	             tooltip:"Get MAX, PSD and JPG Files"
projectFolder = pathConfig.getCurrentProjectFolder()
projectFolderAsString = projectFolder as string
targetFolder = "\\_targetFolder\\"
targetPath = projectFolderAsString + targetFolder
testName = "FileXY.jpg"
testFile = targetPath + testName
if doesFileExist testFile then messageBox "Files are already there !!" 
else (
makeDir targetPath 
jpgList = getFiles "C:\\my-path-to-files\\*.jpg"
for f in jpgList do ( 
	file = f as string
	fileName = filenameFromPath file
	newFile = targetPath + fileName
	copyFile f newFile

With this code i'm copying also *.max Files into my project - and here's the thing:
I'd like to add the name of the project as a prefix the max-files.
So i.e. the exterior.max should be renamed into MyProjectName exterior.max -> is there a way to strip this from my "projectFolderAsString" Variable ?

Is it also possible to merge CustomUserPaths from a MXP file into the actual projects MXP file ?

Thanks in advance :)