Initiating a Patch Subanim Master Point Controller via Max Script?

Splines have a command ANIMATEVERTEX $ #ALL to initialize the Master Point Controller of animation. What is the similar command for an Editable Patch?

The reference says to assign a Master Point Controller to animate vertices and control points in subobject mode of Editable Patches and the following line:

animArray = getSubAnimNames $[#Object__Editable_Patch][#Master]

in the Listner will create an empty array of the Controller. If you manually create a key frame in the interface, the same command will instantly have the 64 animatable objects of the 12 vertex Quadpatch (i.e. #(#Vertex_1, #Vertex_2, #Vertex_3...)) that I'm using.

The question is --- how to avoid that manual initialization in the Interface and achieve the same result from Max Script alone?