Looking for a formula to convert for Camera.Zoom attribute from degrees to pixels...

In After Effects, the camera layer has a .zoom attribute
Attribute Units: Pixels, Millimeters, Inches

app.project.item(1).layer("Camera 1").Zoom.value --> 1777,7778 Pixels

In 3DS MAX app, camera has .fov attribute
Attribute units: degree

$Camera001.fov --> 39.598 degree

If you dive deep into the theory about the conversion of these quantities, for a real camera, then there
you can drown...

Let's say that in the After Effects scene there is a camera that has the following parameters.

(see attached file)

Looking for a formula to convert for this attribute from degrees to pixels ...,
to get camera equality in 3DS MAX and camera in After Effects

Anyone faced this issue???

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