Maxscript beginner question

I need some advice on how to start my script project.
I am used to programming, but not on 3ds Max.

I want to make a sort of plugin to create and control a videoprojector with different properties.

I want it to be seen on the 3D space as a simple box (with controlled size), a simple cylinder (with controlled position), and a light that will be used to project a picture from a map (an Octane light with a distribution map).

Once those 3 objects are created and grouped, I need to be able to control different properties like de size of the "box" representing the videoprojector, or the UV transform property of the distribution map of the Octane light.

Here is my question.
I don't even know where to start my script, should it be ;
- a Scripted Utility
- a MacroScript
- a Scripted Plug-ins
- a Scripted Functions ?

Any advice will be welcome.