Maxscript Syntax question

Hi there!

I'm working on a small script which is putting object in a container, writes the rules for it and so on. This is what I have:

select objects
assetProxy = $

cnt01 = container size:50 name:h1 -- h1 is defined above
cnt01.displaylabel = true
cnt01.localDefinitionFilename = h1 + "_container"
cnt01.AddNodeToContent assetProxy
cnt01.SetAccessType #anythingUnlocked
cnt01.SetLockedContents #lockAllMaterials false
cnt01.SetLockedContents #lockAllModifiers true
cnt01.SetLockedContents #lockAllAnimation true
cnt01.SetLockedContents #lockAllObjects true
cnt01.saveContainer true
cnt01.setOpen false

So I want to lock everything except the materials. The problem is, it doesnt work like that. It looks like it has a buffer, which is always overwritten everytime you use the SetLockedContents. So in this case only the #lockAllObjects are set. I tried to check out the maxscript documentation but I didnt find out how to write it. Can I write it somehow in one line?