Merging in Render Settings

Hello everyone!

First post here. I'm still relatively new to Maxscript, I've only been using it for a few weeks, hopefully someone here can help me out here!

I'm trying to create some macros for merging in max files. I've been using mergeMaxFile, which has been working great otherwise, but for some files, I need to pull in all of their render settings. I've seen no options in the maxscript SDK for merging render settings. If I manually merge a file in (MAX > Import > Merge > choose file), that dialog has a Render Settings checkbox, and that does exactly what I need.

So my questions are:

1) Is there some obvious way to merge in render settings in Maxscript that I'm just missing? Or, barring that...

2) Is there a way to mimic all the button presses needed to open that merge file dialog, with the proper .max file provided? I've used DialogMonitorOPS & UIAccessors to click all the buttons I need inside the Merge File dialog once it's open, but I don't know how to populate the "File Name" field in the Choose File dialog preceding it.

Any help would be really appreciated!