Merging Layers from another file!

I'd like a script that would allow a user to target a *.max file and then select a layer to merge in to the currently opened max file.

rollout rlMergeLayers "Merge Layer"
	groupbox gpbxMergeInFile "Merge File" width:190 height:62 pos:[5,0]
	button btnChooseFile "Choose File..." width:100 height:20 pos:[10,16]
	label lbFile " Q:\Project\Scenes\example.max" width:180 height:16 pos:[10,40] style_sunkenedge:true
	MultiListBox mlb "Layers" width:186 height:8 items:#("A","B","C") selection:#(1,3) pos:[8,65]
	button btnMerger "Merge" width:185 height:20 pos:[8,196]
createDialog rlMergeLayers 200 224