Morpher modifier not working inside scripted Modifier plug-in.

WM3_MC_BuildFromNode myMesh.Morpher 1 myOtherMesh
WM3_MC_SetValue myMesh.Morpher 1 100.0

If I execute that code on Max's command line, it works fine. In the modifier stack, I see myOtherMesh in the first slot of the Channel List of the mymesh.Morpher modifier, along with a value of 100.0.

If I do the exact same thing inside a function of a scripted modifier plug-in, the first slot of myMesh.Morpher's Channel List remains empty, though I still see a value of 100.0.

I have found no way to assign a mesh to a channel from inside a function of a scripted modifier plug-in. This is a show-stopper!