Multilining a dotNet tabStrip

Hey everyone,

I'm taking a bunch of small pieces of code that aren't big enough to get their own spot in my ui, and wrapping them all up into one tool with a dotNet tabstrip to switch between them.

The problem I'm running into is that I want the strip to be multilined so that there are 3 tabs per line, and as many lines as I need. What is happening right now is that the 3 tabs fill the line, but the 4th tab still goes beside the 3rd one, and it just adds two arrows to scroll left or right.

The strip has height:25, multiline:true, width:240. Each tab has height:25, and width:(strip width / 3). If I set the strip height to 50 to allow a second row, it simply adds a solid white block in the row, and the strip still has to scroll to show beyond the 3rd tab.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.