populate an arrays with filename

hello all
i'm looking for a hint because im pretty clueless right now.

I often merge max file from a bank we have at work and i'm looking for a way to fasten the process.
My biggest problem now is How to populate the array from a DropDownList with file from a choose path.

from my knowledge Dropdownlist use item:#() to fill the list right??
i found about filestream or something like this while skimming the help but man! i need to get to the evidence. i'm such a noob.. better everyday but still a n00b :D

i attached a copy of my .MCR if anyone what to take a look.
btw if anyone wonder the scrip was started in visual maxscript and not yet cleaned.
any help is appreciated


--tester avec max 9
Macroscript PDesign_Bank category:"PDesign"
	global bank_rollout
	global bank_floater
	global objname
bank_Dir_path = undefined
arr_bankobject = #()
fn fill_objectbank =
	--arr_bankobject = #()
	for i = 1 to arr_bankobject.count do
		objname = arr_bankobject[i].filename
	rollout bank_rollout " Bank"
		button btn_bank_Dir "Path" align:#left across:2 -- pos:[10,30]
		edittext etxt_filePath fieldWidth:130 align:#left offset:[-45,0]  text:"undefined"
		on btn_bank_dir pressed do
			bank_Dir_path = getsavepath()
			etxt_filepath.text = (bank_Dir_path as string) 
		on etxt_filepath entered text do
			if etxt_filepath.text == "undefined" then etxt_filepath = undefined
			else bank_Dir_path = etxt_filepath.text
		dropDownList ddlist_objectList "Object List" items:#((objname as string)) pos:[11,35] width:180 height:40
		on ddl_objectlist selected do 
		button merge_obj "merge" pos:[8,80] width:192 height:40		 
		checkbox chbx_rescaleObj "Rescale" pos:[46,125] 
		label lbl_objPreview "Preview" align:#left
		bitmap bmp_objPreview "preview" pos:[16,160] width:184 height:144
		groupBox grp2 "Creator  Info" pos:[8,315] width:203 height:72
		label lbl1 "David Bordeleau" pos:[64,312] width:80 height:15
		label lbl2 "[email protected]" pos:[40,344] width:148 height:19
		label lbl3 "25.08.2007" pos:[80,328] width:48 height:16
	 if bank_floater != undefined then closerolloutfloater bank_floater
	bank_floater = newrolloutfloater "presentation Design bank" 216 420
	addrollout bank_rollout bank_floater