Rename objects and helper

Hello community i have a problem and i hope someone can help me :)

i want a fast rename script that renames the object and the helper.

for example: 3 boxes are linked to one helper: then the rename would be:

Box_test_01, Box_test_02, Box_test_03, Box_test_Master.

The parent helper would always be "Master" on the end, the child helper would be "H1, H2, H3...." at the end.

i would also love to write without underscore in the editText, and the script put it in the space automatically.

that is my current state :(

rollout rollout1 "Selection Batch Renamer" width:243 height:44
	fn orgaddarr orginobj arra=(if isValidNode orginobj and isValidNode orginobj.parent do(append arra orginobj.parent;orgaddarr orginobj.parent arra))
	editText edt1 "" pos:[7,8] width:140 height:27
	button btn1 "Rename" pos:[158,9] width:74 height:25
	on edt1 entered text do
	on btn1 pressed  do
	local orgin_arr = #()
	orgaddarr selection[1] orgin_arr		
	for i = 1 to selection.count do
		Selection[i].name=uniquename edt1.text
		if orgin_arr.count ==1 then
		( edt1.text + "_Master"
Renamer = newRolloutFloater "Renamer" 250 95
addRollout rollout1 Renamer rolledUp:false

thanks Dragan

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