Resizing the IE activeX control?

Does anyone know how to resize the activex control so that it fills up a max script dialog box?

 When I call showProperties it lists ".Width : integer" and in my code I'mtrying to call axHTML.Width = 500 but it refuses to resize the damn thing.

    rollout rBrowser "Browser" silenterrors:true
        activeXControl axHTML "" setupEvents:true releaseOnClose:true height:359 width:662 align:#center Resizable:true
        on rBrowser open do (
            showProperties axHTML
            print " - "
            showMethods axHTML
            print " - "
            showEvents axHTML
        on rBrowser resized wh do (
            print "Resizing rollout"
            axHTML.resizable = true
            axHTML.Width  = 10