rollercoaster track creation

Hey everyone im new to this forum
Though i downloaded alot of free scripts (wich helped me alot)
I searched for a script or tool to create a rollercoaster track from a single spline
So it makes 3 splines (2 rails and a supportcolumn)

I tryed it with aray but the bends get offset aswell as the splines go through one another

I want 3 splines because it needs a rig wich is needed for wheel rotation to follow twists and curves
I wonder iff anyone can help me

Also i have other ideas for making a coaster

1. Through the process of spline IK and make the cars stick to the bones
But it would still need the script to make a nice track

2. Through the process of splines and follow path constraint,in wich case i also need such a script or tool

3. Through Loft and Bend and put splines inside the track before putting modifiers on the mesh. Wich is alot of work since a rollercoaster isnt just an 8 track anymore these days

4.Model it all by hand aswell as animation by hand and use as much utilities along the way as i can find

5.Use the MassFX engine,wich i tryed before and it was a complete failure since the wheels kept flying of or due to gravity the whole thing could get through a loop or just disintigrated.

Can anyone please help me? Im not a newbie (well maybe at scripting)
I know my 3ds max and i know PhysX
But im running out of ideas
Thanks for any reply!