Script controller time offset


I don't have much knowkledge of scripting.
Let's say I want one object parameter to affect another object parameter but with a time offset.

exemple (theorically) : spacewarpA.amount = (BoxA.translate_Z (at current_frame + frame_offset) * multiplier_integer) - offset_integer

I thought I could use a script controller for that in the curve editor as it has F,NT,T variables. I created a variable (boxA_Z) and click the "assign track" to link it to Target: $BoxA.pos.controller.'Z Position'

I'd like to know if there is a way to have this working like the following

exemple (theorically): spacewarpA.amount = (boxA @current_time + 5F) * 10) - 185

If not via script controller, I basically need spacewarp.amount to get the same keys as Box.pos.Z with a multiplier factor, a frame offset and a value offset.

Thanks for your help.