Scripting Landing Gear Issue

Ok, I've modeled an F-16 and I'm trying to use a Slider to control the landing gear to open and close.

Starting with the front wheel, I've attached the Wheel as a wire parameter and the bay doors to the Slider. This is working perfectly. The only problem is that the bay door closes before the front wheel fully enters the bay. They're basically colliding. What I would like to do is delay the bay doors from closing until the slider is at around 0.5.

Here is the code Im using in the Y_Rotation: Float Wire
that's going from Front_Wheel_Door to my Slider:

if value > 0.5 then

My slider min and max value goes from 0.0 to 1.2.

With the current code I get an error message:
--Unable to convert: undefined to type:Float

When I only have value*1.38 in my code, it works just fine, but nothing tells it to wait for the value 0.5.

What can I do to delay my bay doors from closing until value 0.5 is reached?

What can I do