Select an object indoors of a group.

Hi to everything! This is my first post in this beautiful forum :) :)

I do not understand how to select an object indoors of a group.

Assume to have 10 Box that form Group01 and 10 Box that form Group02.
I use this array after create and selecting the first 10 box

Array seli_array = $box* as --- take all the present box in the scene
gr_seli_array = group seli_array prefix:GroupBox_" --- assemble the box in GroupBox
I do the same thing with the second group of the box
Now, if I use
a = for the in $Box* collect -- array to create a knot taking the name of the box
sel_a = getnodebyname to [1] --- I create the knot from the name and take the first elements of the array
select sel_a--- selects the first element
The my problem: The second group is not calculated by the array and Box01 is always selected.
How to do in the take Box01 from the group 1 and Box11 from the group 2 (the first elements of the array of two groups?)or similar

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