Spline decimation or collapsing vertices


I've a spline, a lot in fact, imported from a dwg file, and they are composed of twin segment, each one on top of each other connected at one end. So the knots array are reversed. The line is ABCDC'B'A' like, A is a segment between two knots, A' have the same coords except it was reversed.

#(#([813529,2.07842e+006,251.674], [813538,2.07843e+006,251.44]), #([813519,2.07842e+006,251.902], [813529,2.07842e+006,251.674]), #([813510,2.07842e+006,252.079], [813519,2.07842e+006,251.902]), #([813500,2.07841e+006,252.255], [813510,2.07842e+006,252.079]), #([813510,2.07842e+006,252.079], [813500,2.07841e+006,252.255]), #([813519,2.07842e+006,251.902], [813510,2.07842e+006,252.079]), #([813529,2.07842e+006,251.674], [813519,2.07842e+006,251.902]), #([813538,2.07843e+006,251.44], [813529,2.07842e+006,251.674]))

The first and last segment have the same coord, but reversed. I want to eliminate the double ones.

-- empty Array
theArray = #()
-- on each Spline's segment 
for s = 1 to (numSplines $) do
knt = #()
for k = 1 to (numKnots $ s) do
-- Find the point coord as a point3
point = getKnotPoint $ s k
append knt point
)--end k loop
append theArray knt
)--end s loopprint  a_effacer
print  theArray.count
--Function to compare the content of two arrays
fn compareSubArrays first second =
result = true --init. return value to true
if first.count != second.count then --if the count of the two subarrays is different,
result = false --return false
else --otherwise
for i = 1 to first.count do --go through all elements in the arrays
if first[i] != second[i] do result = false --and see if two elements are different
result --return the result - true if identical, false if not
for i = 1 to theArray.count do --go through all elements of the main array
for j = theArray.count to i+1 by -1 do --go backwards from the last to the current+1
if compareSubArrays theArray[i] theArray[j] do 
deleteItem theArray j --if identical, delete the one with the higher index
format "%\n" theArray --print the result to the Listener

I've tried to check each numSplines, and check the numKnots
I want to find a way to script the elimination of the CBA segment which is on top of the ABCD segment I'd like to keep. If I break the spline, and weld it.
Perhaps there's already a fonction to do that in max.

Any help apreciated, if you understand the problem :.)